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Talking all things mushroom hunting with mycoeducator Rachel Zoller

In this episode of Explore Oregon, outdoor intern and fungus enthusiast Skyla Patton talks all things mushroom hunting with pro forager and mycoeducator Rachel Zoller, better known as Yellow Elanor.
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The glory of Oregon's golden chanterelle: How to find, harvest and eat the state mushroom

In this episode, Zach and outdoors intern Skyla Patton prepare for the peak season for finding Oregon's delicious and beautiful state mushroom: the Pacific Golden Chanterelle. Skyla breaks down where and when to find chanterelles, how to eat it, how to get permits to harvest them and trickier questions including whether you can over-harvest the beloved mushroom.

Illinois Valley: Sleep in a treehouse, explore caves, swim emerald pools and eat some 'sweet cron'

In this episode of Explore Oregon, Zach and Skyla head down Highway 199 to visit southwest Oregon's rugged and beautiful Illinois Valley. It's a place where you can sleep in a treehouse resort, go off trail at the Oregon Caves National Monument, visit art galleries featuring crystal artwork and reach mountain swimming holes, alpine lakes and big summits with a short drive.